L'ingénierie du collassemblage
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Director’s word (Frédéric Martin)
From time immemorial and much longer… For million years, nature has been offering countless examples of adhesion phenomena. It was in the nature of things for humans to try and comprehend the principle in order to attempt mastering it and then adapt it to their needs before reproducing it as required.

This long and difficult quest (the first use of adhesive materials by humans dates back to 40000 years) will never be fully achieved due to continuous technological progress authorized by modern chemistry. Adhesive bonding is then part of mankind history, and from prehistoric times up to now, this assembling mode has left its mark, accompanied or authorized a great number of decisive advances in our life and in the life of our ancestors. It is indeed the 20th century which has drastically changed this technical order by creating a frantic technological race that CLIX Industries is determined to lead.

Transportation Industry (Aeronautics, Aerospace, Automotive Industry, Rail Industry…), electronics, medical, military, extreme environment, high tech sports, building trade… Technical parameters and specifications with very strict standards are part of CLIX Industries daily routine, and for CLIX engineers, a familiar territory.