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A survey conducted in 2002 by the French Ministry for Industry and Finance called “ Adhesive bonding in France, an asset for industrial assembly ” draws the conclusion that this assembly technology promotes competitiveness in companies. Conducted on 293 French industrial companies, the study shows that adhesive bonding is present in 69 % of them.

The development of this assembly technology has strongly impacted industry managers over the past few years. In the aeronautics field, production costs for one part were reduced by 40 % compared to riveting (with a part weight divided by 2.5). In the automotive industry, assembly time has been reduced by 30 % compared to screwing. In the wood industry, adhesive bonding technology has cut times by 70 %! The same result has been achieved for plastics with production costs down by 20 %.

In electrical engineering and electronics, a reduction of 10 to 20 % in manufacturing costs has been observed compared to spot welding, a massive saving of 25 %. Furthermore, when adhesive bonding has replaced the use of new non weldable materials, manufacturing costs have been purely and simply divided by two! Finally, in the machine and equipment sector, a 20 to 50 % cost saving has been recorded on assembly of bonded rotary and sheet-metal parts.

For more information on this survey, please visit www.industrie.gouv.fr/pdf/synthcoll.pdf