L'ingénierie du collassemblage
avec Clix Industries

Clix Industries

Sumo Park
2-3, rue de Longueterre
31850 Montrabé

Tél:+33(0)5 61 73 68 89
Fax:+33(0)5 61 73 85 20



CLIX Industries was born from the encounter between two material experts, the first in the industry and machinability fields, the second in the engineering and adhesive bonding fields.

As a result, the emergence of a competence, the adhesive bonding assembly, and the emergence of a company, CLIX Industries.

In just a few years, this “united” team has won the trust of many leading customers thanks to the best innovations in all fields of activity.

Aeronautics, aerospace, the automotive industry, railways, electronics, healthcare, military, extreme environments, high-tech sports, the building trade, etc…

the most demanding technical specifications and the strictest standards are part of CLIX Industries’ daily routine and familiar territory for CLIX engineers.